MariSci commences Club Day 2018

Marikina Science High School (MariSci) held its first Club Day for the School Year 2018-2019 last Friday, July 6, 2018.

The program started at 1 P.M., with an assembly led by the Student Supreme Government (SSG) . The students were divided according to their respective club and then proceeded to their assigned rooms.

Afterwards, the club went on with their own activities.

“The main goal of the SSG in this activity is to update the system among all clubs and organizations. We want members to feel that their club and organization is their family”, Jeremy Gusi, the SSG President, stated.

The Club Day ended at 5 P.M. with a 15-minute clean-up. “I am very much satisfied with the results. My heart is happy to see Mariscians have a quality time with their new families,” Gusi added.

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