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Marikina Science High School: A Decade and Six

The stronghold of our knowledge that nurtured our very being has long gone through all predicaments and obstacles in the way that every MariScian has surpassed. Marikina Science High School stood through the test of times. Every single student that went to and forth the doors of every classroom has proven that every single step would lead them to success. Each student has their own story of how they lived each of their lives in the school that taught us. Marikina Science High School has gone through a decade and six years of challenges, opportunities and wide doors of success. The school grabbed several awards and proved that we truly are the cream of the crop. The Foundation Day has already concluded and it would not have been fun and exciting without the great effort and help of the General Parents-Teachers Association, Faculty-Employees Association, School Governing Council and the Supreme Student Government. Thank you students, teachers,parents and to our dearest principal, Mrs. Jeanette Coroza who helped in making this day possible.

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